Cocotte with lid 23 cm





– Cocotte with ceramic lid in dimensions perfect for cooking meat dishes, vegetable stews, soups, delicious ragout, and any other traditional recipe that requires slow cooking.
– Materials used in the production process are lead and cadmium-free
– Interior diameter: 19,2 cm/exterior: 23 cm. Height: 15 cm with lid/ 9,3 cm only cocotte
– Material that retains heat long after being removed from the heat source, so it is advised to put away from the fire to allow to finish cooking with the remaining heat inside the cocotte.
– It is advised before its first use to pour some water with a tablespoon of flour and heat it up to the boil and quickly turn off the fire to obtain a better sealing surface
– Can be used on direct fire, gas or vitro-ceramic cookers and oven but always heat up the cocotte and its ingredients gradually.

– Avoid sudden thermal shock (from the fridge to the fire, or from the fire to a cold surface, or washing up when the cocotte is still hot) to be able to enjoy the cocotte much longer
-Easy to use and clean by hand or dishwasher
-Allow to dry on fresh air before placing them in a cupboard, as the clay absorbs humidity and needs to breath to dry completely