Allow us to introduce our company, Union of Ceramic Manufacturers. Professional potters with a proved wide expertise, that, along with modern production techniques and the use of the best clays available in the market, allow us to manufacture high quality products.


We are the Union of Ceramic Manufacturers specialized in all sort of packaging clay products for the food industry such as precooked dishes, ice cream, desserts in general… as well as the traditional cookware sets: casseroles, pans, cocottes, paella pots… and kitchenware utensils such as bowls, trays, plates, and modern dinnerware collections.


Company founded in 1952, the Association brought together families with a long ceramic tradition for generations . Nowadays we consider ourselves not only heirs but also carriers of a wide expertise, that along with modern production techniques and the use of the best clays available in the market, can offer high quality products.


In 2002 the company obtained the ISO 9001/2000 Certification for the production and marketing of artisan specialities in clay destined to the food industry and also decorative purposes.


We make environmentally friendly product.

Natural clay is our main raw material,  abundant and clean element in nature. All glazes and varnishes have been tested and found to comply with the European and International regulations related to the environment.


Organic products based on three of the four elements of nature like earth, water and fire. Natural ingredients that cause even less impact on the environment as they can return to its natural state at any time.


In our facilities we have different processing lines that allow our Association to manufacture a wide range of products.
For the food industry: ceramic packaging that provides a clear added value to a variety of products as ready meals, yoghourt, ice-cream, and desserts in general, as well as cheese, and even traditional prepared dishes as tapas. On top of that, the final consumer can re-use the packaging item for other purposes.
Kitchenware: the traditional pots, casseroles, cocottes, and pans… already adapted to the new cooking techniques.
For the hotel and catering industry that wish to maintain tradition: traditional wine and “sangria” jars, rectangular and oval trays, soup and salad bowls, to modern dinnerware collections.