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Are the CTB CERAMICS products environmental friendly?

CTB Ceramics uses clay as a raw material, natural element respectful with the environment. On top of that, all glazes and varnishes used in the production are lead and cadmium free. All together the final result is environmental friendly.

Do we comply with the applicable standards in the European Union?

Our products indeed comply with the existing standards not only in the European Union, but also in more strict regulations as in the USA. Frequently our products are analyzed by the competent official body and both analytic results and certificates are sent to our customers.

Why is cooking with clay better than other materials?

Cooking in pottery is a smooth and uniform procedure, as the clay is a poor head conductor and the heat is transferred slowly. That allows the ingredients to be cooked in a more natural way. Its thermic properties keeps the food warm for a long time and also its flavour and aroma.

Is our product suitable to be used on vitroceramic ?

All our products made of refractory clay are highly resistant to abrupt temperature changes (thermal shock) and can be used on direct fire, gas and vitroceramic cooker. Our product line destined for vitroceramic cooking have a flat bottom to be completely suitable to the cooking surface.

In addition, cooking with clay allows you to save energy by turning off the cooker even before the cooking process has finished, as the clay material keeps the heat longer.

Our products can be used for packaging?

Our product line destined for packaging are made of a more compact clay, non porous material and more resitant to preserve contains inalterable, away from the light and temperature changes.