Valenciana casserole 20 cm





-MADE IN SPAIN. Concave shape casserole made of 100% natural materials, varnished on the inside, but a rustic finish on the outside and two small decorative horizontal handles added manually
-SERVING: Dimensions serving up to 1-2 people, bigger sizes available when required
-SAFE TO USE ON DIRECT FIRE, IN THE OVEN AND CERAMIC STOVE. Can be used in all types of stoves, except induction cooker.
-TRADITIONAL COOKING: Slow traditional cooking brings out the best flavours, heat up the casserole and its ingredients gradually. The clay retains heat long after they are removed from the heat source compared to other modern materials. Thanks to its unconventional shape we also suggest using it as presentation of mixed salads or garnish for instance
-MAINTENANCE GUIDE: Advisable handwashing to avoid breakage. Allow to dry on fresh air before placing them in a cupboard, as the clay absorbs humidity and needs to breath to dry completely.