Casserole flat handle 13 cm





-Individual terracotta casserole available in our catalogue. This collection is presented all varnished with the major difference of the handles that are made as part of the top edge, and they are flat horizontal handles instead of the vertical handles added manually at a later stage in other similar collections
— Diameter casserole 13,5 cm / 15,5 cm with handles
– Ideal to cook and serve on the table individual tapas or dish making sure to increase heat gradually, to avoid any thermal-shock. And do not place directly from the fire onto a cold surface or the refrigerator, for the same reason and with all these precautions your casserole will last longer in perfect state
– Terracotta casserole suitable on direct fire, gas, ceramic cooktop panels, oven, except induction cooker
– Easy to clean by hand or dishwasher but allow to dry for 24-48 hours before storing in a cupboard